Marketing management

The Rise of Voice — What the increase in voice assistants and AI means for business

AI-enabled voice recognition is becoming a normal part of how we interact with technology. What humans say is becoming valuable data that businesses can use to sell products and create personalized consumer experiences. It’s critical to think broadly about how voice will impact the entire customer experience, from discovery through to purchase. In this report […]

Digital transformation

MarTech Today: Data targeting vs. contextual targeting, why MediaMath ‘unjoined’ the Ad ID Consortium & what to do if you have a post-GDPR data breach

Here’s our daily recap of what happened in marketing technology, as reported on MarTech Today, MarTech and other places across the web. From MarTech Today: Is third-party data targeting more effective than contextual targeting? Jun 28, 2018 by Barry Levine A new report from performance marketing agency Roast and ad platform Teads tested whether the costs […]

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