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Probably now more than ever, the best content out there offers unique perspectives and showcases people in all our human, personable ways. That means as marketing teams leverage AI to make the flows more efficient, humans are still very front-and-center in the process.

Today, contributor Ali Schwanke provides an eloquent summary of today’s biggest content challenges and what this all has to do with HubSpot’s Content Hub, which launched last month. And also today, check out a roundup of other recent AI-powered releases.

Content and other marketing-related efficiencies touch many teams outside of marketing. So it’s also worth noticing how Canva is expanding its reach with Canva Enterprise and new Work Kits — not just for creative teams and marketing, but for sales, HR and more teams to come.

Chris Wood



HubSpot’s Content Hub: How does it impact marketing’s future?


Discover why HubSpot’s Content Hub points to tech stack consolidation, and how this AI-led feature actually underlines the need for human expertise. 

Marketing artificial intelligence (AI)

AI-powered martech releases and news: May 23


Agencies lead the AI-powered charge for clients with WPP's Claude integration. Plus, AI improvements to customer conversations, site building and more.

Marketing technology

You need to glue your martech stack together. Here are some of your options.


To get the most out of your data, you need to integrate the various platforms in your stack. That's not often easy to do.

Loyalty marketing

Top loyalty trends 2024: Discover industry-specific ideas


Discover the latest insights on loyalty programs in 2024 with Comarch's webinar on demand. Learn what drives customer loyalty and how to strengthen your brand's connections. Tune in now for essential strategies in today's competitive market.

MarTech buyer's guides

Compare 11 top marketing automation platforms


Get the inside scoop on selecting the right marketing automation platform for your team with our free 2024 guide comparing features, capabilities, leading vendors, and in-depth AI coverage.

Content marketing

Canva introduces Canva Enterprise, Work Kits and adtech apps


New offerings from the visual creative technology company aim to bring efficiency and brand controls to teams across large organizations.


Customer experience

How to protect customer trust when using AI


With AI everywhere, suspicion is on the rise. A company’s reputation plays an increasingly important role, so how do you avoid damaging it?

Customer loyalty

2024 State of Loyalty Report


A whopping 63% of consumers even say they’ll pay more to shop with the brands they’re loyal to. But as consumer behavior shifts, cultivating this loyalty is easier said than done.

Customer experience

The omnichannel opportunity: A path to seamless experiences


Omnichannel is more than a buzzword. Learn why it matters and how strong leadership can harmonize strategies.

On-demand training

Expert insights, cutting-edge technology


You’re just a few clicks away from unlocking the complete spring season of MarTech, featuring hours of on-demand sessions, keynotes, Q&A conversations, and more.

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