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Good morning, Marketers, and what turns a good idea into a great one?

Below, agile expert and MarTech contributor Stacy Ackerman dives into how to handle the frequently overwhelming Marketing Backlog. “There are always way more good ideas than time,” she says. So true!

Often a good idea becomes a great one when it bumps into other good ideas. That’s the heart of collaboration. But to achieve this marketing magic, all the good ideas and tasks have to be made transparent and prioritized in a single shared place.

Then all the stakeholders and team members can tackle the Backlog and discover the gold at the end of the agile marketing rainbow.

Chris Wood,

Getting started with the Agile Marketing Navigator: Building a Marketing Backlog

Here's the next step on your Agile Marketing Navigator journey: How to create a transparent, shared backlog of relevant and impactful work.

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Worsening economy has more shoppers getting online info before making in-store purchases

76% search online for reviews and better prices before buying in store.

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3 ways to dominate with Google Auction Insights and search intelligence

Use data to make better ad campaign decisions and dig into search intelligence to understand why certain ads are successful.

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Native video tops social media in brand awareness study

Participants gave native video ads a 59% favorable rating, compared to 50% for social.

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Email marketing is continually developing. Are you keeping up?

External factors like Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection and Hide My Email mean that marketers continually need to adapt. Download this MarTech guide to stay up to date.

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A new way to navigate agile marketing

Not all companies can afford a coach, but even small companies can benefit from agile marketing.

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Why we care about social media marketing: A guide for brands

Learn how to be successful with social media marketing – one of the most important channels across the digital landscape.

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Moving from basic to advanced marketing analytics

Explore the four phases of the maturity curve that companies ascend as they build out their marketing analytics capabilities.

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Are you still using spreadsheets to manage your work? Take our poll

Do manual processes such as inputting data to spreadsheets still play a big role in your working life?

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Unlock the science of email deliverability and optimization

Part art. Part asset. All awesome. Download MarTech’s Email Marketing Periodic Table now to understand the elements that go into successful email marketing campaigns.

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