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Good morning, Marketers, and there’s plenty to be thankful for in the marketing technology space.

Because of the challenges we’ve all experienced over the last year and a half, it’s been all hands on deck to save customers, improve experience and make remote workflow effective. The upside is the tremendous amount of talent working together to overcome these challenges. Customers and fellow marketers will benefit from these innovations for years to come.

We’ll be back with our next newsletter after the holiday. For now, take a look at how Adobe and Major League Baseball are working together to update fan experience for next season. Also, you’ll find some helpful strategies and tips from our recent MarTech conference.

Chris Wood,

How marketers can keep customers engaged using data

Successful customer engagement depends on good data.

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Adobe and MLB announce expanded partnership

The initiatives include improving the fan experience as well as providing better digital workflows for clubs, players and vendors.

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Webinar: Your New Year’s Marketing Resolution: Master the Art of Saying No With These Six Steps

Urgent requests make it hard to prioritize the most strategic jobs. But when you standardize and centralize the entire process, you can make data-driven resource decisions and ensure the most strategic work gets done first. In this webinar, join Adobe Workfront as they share six proven methods to handle the onslaught of marketing requests, prioritize the most important work, and increase your value to make 2022 your best year yet.

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How responsible marketing impacts customer retention and value

Implementing a responsible data infrastructure will better serve customers who want everything now.

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Discover dozens of time-saving, profit-boosting solutions... all for free

More and more, the key to solving critical marketing and marketing ops challenges is marketing technology. But with 7,000+ solutions on the market, finding the right one for your needs can be overwhelming. MarTech makes it easy. Discover dozens of time-saving, profit-boosting solutions and the actionable tactics to effectively leverage them… all in one place, all without leaving your desk, and all for free.

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Concentrix to acquire CX design business PK

The global CX solutions provider agrees to pay $1.6 billion for PK, formerly Connective.

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What is digital asset management, and why do marketing technology stacks need these tools?

Digital asset management can play a vital role in your marketing organization, unifying online and offline marketing channels and leading to more efficient marketing resource allocation.

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Quote of the day: “Being responsible in your marketing efforts and future-proofing your data and privacy through best practices is good for your business and good for your customers. It’s win-win.” Frank Brooks, Head of EMEA Marketing, dotdigital at our recent MarTech conference.

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