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Good morning, Marketers, whatever happened to the good old days?

Tony Byrne of Real Story Group just wrote a story called “Whatever happened to customer journey orchestration?” I wanted to talk about our Event Participation Index, but looking at Tony’s title made me think, “Whatever happened to live events?”

I guess we all thought we’d be back in the groove this fall, and to some extent I’m sure we will be. But there remain all kinds of uncertainties, not only about new COVID variants but about the catastrophic state of air travel. Still, people have started asking me, “Are you going to Dreamforce?”

That’s the context in which we’re running the latest edition of our Index. Please take the survey; it’s really quick and it will help us understand how marketers feel about attending in-person events right now and into 2023..

Kim Davis,
Editorial Director

Whatever happened to customer journey orchestration?

Here's a look at the evolution of customer journey orchestration, its path to maturity, and why it is not going away.

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The FTC weighs in on customer data privacy

Addressing data privacy concerns, the FTC has announced proposed rule-making on consumer surveillance and data security.

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Will in-person events continue to be impacted as COVID constantly reinvents itself?

With COVID seemingly never more transmissible, are marketers becoming more hesitant about attending live events? Take our quick survey.

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Webinar Tomorrow: Unlock the Cutting-Edge Potential of QR Codes

Learn enterprise-grade QR strategies and best practices you won’t hear anywhere else!

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The latest jobs in martech

On the hunt for something new? Check out who's hiring in martech this week.

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5 Steps: How to succeed with digital work management during the hybrid work era.

This guide is a great first step to understanding more about digital transformation and how to keep pace with the speed of work.

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Google’s third-party cookie delay: Adtech reacts

The adtech and data world reacts to Google's latest delay on the death of third-party cookies.

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How to decide if you’re ready for a customer journey orchestration solution

Once you understand the benefits of customer journey orchestration you can begin asking the right questions.

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