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Why we care. Call analytics platforms help marketers identify and activate the rich data hidden in the growing volume of inbound calls, tracking both both online and offline leads. Phone calls provide businesses with an opportunity to offer deep in-the-funnel prospects fast answers and connections to real people. AI-driven technologies, including smart speakers, virtual assistants, chatbots and messaging apps, are also driving calls to businesses when customers use the assistants to search for local businesses, order food and make other purchases.

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Call analytics

Choosing an enterprise call analytics platform

The smartphone continues to drive inbound call volume to businesses, as mobile becomes a key touchpoint along the omnichannel customer journey. BIA/Kelsey predicts the number of mobile calls to businesses will reach 125 billion in 2018, and jump to 170 billion by 2020. Call analytics play a vital role in establishing the relationship between online […]

Call analytics

MarTech Today: Crimson Hexagon boosts image recognition, ‘martech enablement’ & machine learning comes to call analytics

Here’s our daily recap of what happened in marketing technology, as reported on MarTech Today, MarTech and other places across the web. From MarTech Today: Crimson Hexagon boosts its visual recognition of social pics Aug 7, 2017 by Barry Levine Social intelligence platform says it is the first to offer analysis of faces, scenes, objects and […]

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