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Speaker resources

Thank you for participating in MarTech, September 26-27! We look forward to delivering an exceptional audience to you and your fellow speakers.

Below, we've compiled some resources to help showcase your involvement and spread the word about the event. Click a link to jump to that section of the page.

Video guides: How to create a successful conference presentation

We want to put you in the best position to create and deliver a valuable, high-quality video that engages your audience and effectively showcases your knowledge and expertise.

To that end, we've created a series of helpful videos loaded with tips, recommendations, and examples of top-tier session recordings, which you can watch below.

Be sure to download the companion PDF as well!

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PowerPoint presentation template

When you're ready to begin creating your MarTech presentation, download the PowerPoint template below to get started:

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Promotional tools

Event description

Feel free to customize this description to promote the event and your session on your website:

Join me online at MarTech, September 26-27, to discover cutting-edge marketing technologies that save time, streamline operations, and boost profits – and learn actionable tactics to overcome critical marketing challenges and drive organizational success.

Don’t miss [insert your company]’s session, [insert title of session], at [insert date, time].

Register here for free!

Email copy

Feel free to leverage the event description above to promote MarTech to your audiences via email -- or customize the copy below:

[RECIPIENT NAME] -- Senior marketers are increasingly turning to marketing technology to help them drive ROI, create compelling customer personas, deliver exceptional digital experience, and everything in between. But with nearly 12,000 options on the market… finding the right one for your organization can be daunting. Attend MarTech, online September 26-27, for FREE to learn how [YOUR COMPANY NAME] can empower your organization to achieve its marketing and ops goals -- all without leaving your desk. No plane ticket, no hotel reservation, no travel risks required. Don't miss our session, [SESSION TITLE], featuring [SPEAKER NAME] at [TIME] on [DATE]. Visit this link to secure your FREE pass today: - [YOUR SIGNATURE]

Social copy

Below, you will find pre-written social copy that can help promote your involvement in MarTech. Feel free to customize it with your session title, relevant hashtags, or in any other way you see fit.

  • I’m participating in @MarTechConf! Join me online September 26-27 for this exclusive event… register here for free: #martechconf

  • Join me online at @MarTechConf — a free online experience for senior-level marketers searching for new tools and technology — September 26-27! Register here for free: #martechconf

  • I’m participating in @MarTechConf! Join me online, September 26-27, for this awesome free online experience. Register today!

  • Join me online, September 26-27, for @MarTechConf’s free event — created for senior marketers like you! Register here: #martechconf

  • Mark your calendar for @MarTechConf, September 26-27, and join me online for this free online event! Discover tons of time-saving technologies from the comfort of your home or office. Register here: #martechconf

  • Don’t miss out on @MarTechConf’s free online event, September 26-27. I’ll be there! Will you? Register here: #martechconf

Images and logos

Feel free to download and share these official images on your website or social feeds:


Additional tools

Spread the word about your upcoming MarTech session with the help of our customized social graphic tool. Here's how it works:

  • Click here to get started.

  • Follow the instructions to log in to your LinkedIn account.

  • Confirm the display of your avatar and name.

With a single click, your customized graphic and copy will be shared with your entire LinkedIn network. (See an example below.)


We suggest you replace the default text with your session title, time, and agenda modal URL for an even more customized post. (If you don’t know your agenda modal URL, email [email protected]. Please note: Agenda modal URLs will not be available until the MarTech agenda is live.)

Graphic design tools

Create your own graphics to promote your upcoming session using any of the following tools (free and paid options available)

Checklist and deadlines

Below, you will find a recap of important deliverables and due dates. The sooner your get us the following materials, the sooner we can begin promoting your participation in MarTech!

  • Tuesday, July 11th: Complete your sponsor profile

  • Monday, August 7th: Submit session title, description, and speaker info

  • August 4th – August 28th: Submit Powerpoint presentation for review

  • August 9th – September 5th: Schedule recording your 30-minute pre-recorded session with us

  • Tuesday, September 5th: 30-minute pre-recorded session submitted/recorded deadline

  • Monday, September 11th: “Dig Deeper” assets submitted

  • Monday, September 18th: Don’t forget to register

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