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Why should you attend MarTech?

On-demand. Online. Free.

Join us online at The MarTech Conference -- for FREE to become a master of marketing in the digital age.

At MarTech, you'll easily and efficiently discover dozens of cutting-edge technologies to streamline operations, nurture customer retention, and drive organizational success. 

You'll also participate in an expertly-crafted program loaded with creative, real-world solutions and strategies to overcome critical marketing challenges, like...

  • Understanding how to select the right marketing technology tools to reach your company goals… and how to prove ROI for those tools

  • Gathering, cleaning, organizing, and analyzing data that informs actions and delivers desired outcomes

  • Aligning marketing and sales teams so that each member understands their unique role and are working together toward the same goals

  • Finding new and innovative ways to surprise, delight and engage customers, prospects, and partners

  • Using technology to help you focus on strategy and not merely “random acts of marketing” sticky operational issues, like...

  • Building a digital marketing operation from the ground up

  • Finding a way to reach your audience in a financially-viable and sustainable manner

  • Getting to a 360-degree view of your customer

  • Creating true multi-touch attribution and the visualization of that system

  • Tracking and attributing revenue to the correct marketing channels

  • Developing a content inventory to enable agile marketing implementation

  • Innovating within a confined budget

  • Effectively integrating AI and automation into your marketing ops

  • Tying digital marketing activities to offline sales activity

  • Maintaining data quality across marketing and sales

  • Overcoming office politics to speed up processes

  • Reporting to too many bosses with different objectives

  • Hiring and nurturing marketing superstars

  • Staying ahead of marketing changes and process

… and so much more. This show was made by modern marketers, for modern marketers.


Need more reasons to attend? Here you go:

  • Real marketers sharing real advice. Senior-level marketers are ready to share unvarnished stories about their marketing challenges and lessons learned. You’ll hear exactly what it takes to win in today’s complex marketing ecosystem.

  • Learn straight from the source. Dozens of market-defining solution providers are ready to answer your specific questions about marketing technologies and tools that can help save you time and make you money.

  • It’s free. Seriously. If you’re like most marketers, you’re juggling a ton of financial priorities right now. But that shouldn’t mean you have to forgo quality training. That’s why we’re offering all MarTech sessions and keynotes to you for FREE.

  • On-demand access. Whether your schedule is a bit more chaotic than usual, you’re in a different timezone, or you just can’t make time during the workday — it doesn’t matter. We’re offering both live and on-demand viewing so you can train at your convenience.

  • 100% virtual. We’re pleased to stream the premium MarTech content you know and love directly to your computer. No plane ticket or time out of the office required.

  • Unify your organization. Your team has diverse backgrounds and skills — getting everyone on the same page is essential. Attending together will unite your crew with a common experience and vocabulary, and provide the foundation for continued success.

  • Safe online environment. As with our in-person events, we are proud to deliver a welcoming, harassment-free virtual conference experience for everyone – attendees, speakers, sponsors, staff. No exceptions.

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