Experts to follow for Email Marketing


Here's MarTech's list of email marketers who know email marketing best practices and the latest developments.  This is who you have to follow if you don’t want your email campaigns getting left behind.

Jen Capstraw

Cofounder of Women of Email

With over 20 years of digital marketing experience under her belt, Jen is co-host and co-creator of the popular Humans of Email podcast. She encourages others to learn more about email marketing through videos, webinars and more.

Justine Jordan

Head of Marketing at Wildbit

In 2015,  Justine was awarded Email Marketer Thought Leader of the Year by the Email Experience Council. Justine continues sharing her expertise in email marketing through her blog and social channels.

Dan  Oshinsky

Inbox Collective

Dan has gone from innovating the news to innovating newsletters and email. He runs the email consultancy Inbox Collective and publishes the appropriately named Not A Newsletter.

Kath  Pay

CEO of Holistic Email Marketing

Best selling author, world-renowned speaker and named one of the top 50 email marketers in the world by Vocus. Kath Pay is known for her holistic and data-driven strategies in the email marketing field.

Ryan Phelan

Cofounder of RPEOrigin

With two decades of global marketing leadership for high-growth SaaS and Fortune 250 companies. Ryan is a sought out expert and the current Chairman of the Email Experience Council Advisory Board.

Dela  Quist

Founder & CMO of Alchemy Work

Dela is considered a true pioneer, who began using email as a marketing channel back in the 1990s. He is internationally renowned for his innovative use of data analysis to challenge myths and preconceptions in email marketing.

Elliot Ross

Technology evangelist MessageBird

Currently the technology evangelist MessageBird, Elliot loves to help other email marketers. He is managing director/founder Look at Action Rocket, the creative studio for emailers, where he is managing director and founder.

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