This week’s AI-powered martech releases

Here are the artificial intelligence-powered marketing technology products, platforms and features announced this week.

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Before we dive into the roundup, here’s a quick look at some recent research on AI in the workplace:

  • 60% of seller work will be carried out by generative AI within the next five years, up from less than 5% in 2023, according to Gartner.
  • 63% of IT workers and 44% of office workers are concerned Generative AI will take their jobs within five years, according to Ivanti.
  • 52% of business leaders say AI may replace jobs in their businesses, according to Multiverse.
  • 45% of business leaders say they are facing an AI skills gap and 74% said they plan to upskill or reskill existing workers, again according to Multiverse.

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And now, this week’s AI-powered martech products, features, releases and related news:

  • Microsoft is adding two new AI-powered marketing features. Advertising Platform Copilot uses generative AI to simplify campaign creation, content recommendations, account management and optimization. The company is internally testing this and will soon expand to test with a handful of advertisers before bringing it to open beta in the coming months. Compare & Decide Ads, coming in early 2024, is a  conversational ad format designed specifically for Bing Chat. When shopping, Bing users often ask Chat to summarize options and list pros and cons, like when purchasing a new car. Compare & Decide Ads would then pull the relevant data across various car models into a succinct table, allowing the user to easily evaluate their options. 
  • Akeneo, a product information management (PIM) solutions provider, has acquired Unifai, an AI platform for data collection, cleansing, categorization, and enrichment.
  • Pluto 5000, a technology company building the next generation of the internet, has announced the public beta launch of Cartographer AI Explorer. It merges AI, hyperpersonalization and user-centric data ownership for marketers. AI Explorer allows marketing teams to embed AI personalization into their websites with a simple line of code. It also deploys data privacy and management features typically reserved for enterprises with vast engineering support.
  • Bynder, a digital asset management (DAM) platform, has acquired EMRAYS, a specialist provider of AI search solutions for DAM. This will help Bynder customers to reduce costs, improve efficiency, and find the assets they need more quickly.
  • Storyteq‘s BrandCore is an AI-driven engine providing marketers with secure, controllable AI that works for them and their brands. It learns from user interactions and brand guidelines to bolster brand-compliant marketing, gives marketers more control over campaigns, and automates repetitive manual tasks to save time. The BrandCore engine will help brands to brief and create, through quality assets and brand templates; scale, by producing content more efficiently; and distribute, by promoting content across all channels and media formats.
  • MFour, a consumer intelligence platform, launched DANI and its AI Survey Builder. DANI makes it possible to gain immediate insights after data collection. The tool analyzes surveys and insights for consumer preferences and behaviors. It uses MFour’s dataset of proprietary data from survey responses, location data, and app and web traffic to provide multi-source validated responses. AI Survey Builder simplifies the creation of tailored surveys. 
  • GetResponse has launched an AI-powered campaign generator to help marketers of all experience levels create more effective marketing campaigns. It uses industry-specific optimization to identify the most effective words and phrases to use within an email and landing page, resulting in a higher conversion rate. Additionally, it can create sector-specific automated emails and landing pages in just a few clicks.

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