Datorama adds Genius AI to its marketing data platform

The New York City-based company now provides out-of-the-box smartness that suggests best solutions for improving performance.

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Datorama, which provides a central location for an organization’s advertising and marketing data, is boosting its artificial intelligence.

Today, the company is announcing the launch of Datorama Genius, a built-in layer for its Marketing Integration Engine that surfaces insights about how to best achieve specified goals.

Datorama says that its users have an average of 70 structured data streams coming into the platform from various sources of ad analytics or marketing tools. Previously, CMO Leah Pope told me, the platform has employed AI and machine learning to perform such foundational tasks as organizing incoming data for embedded data models.

Now, the Genius layer adds the ability to find insights that can boost performance. Genius’s key focus, Pope said, is answering such questions as “Why is this happening?” and “What can we do about our performance?”

To get an insight around a KPI, a user selects key attributes to generate a bot for a specific purpose, such as a measurement value compared to a dimension value.

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The insights are geared to KPI (Key Performance Indicators). Some KPIs, like improving click-through rates, are automatically created by the platform. Others, such as finding which creative content works best for given audiences, can be created by the user.

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Previously, Pope said, the marketer would have to “go looking for answers.” Over time, the Genius’s machine learning is designed to automatically make suggestions about insights it knows this user finds valuable.

Virtually every major marketing tool is in the process of adding some kind of AI, but Pope said many of those are focused merely on anomaly detection. For instance, the detection might pop up the week when the conversion rate in a given city totally crashed, but it doesn’t necessarily tell you the best way forward.

By contrast, she said, Datorama’s is focused on providing insights. While this is also becoming common, Datorama’s differentiation is that its insights can apply to all the connected ad and marketing data, from all sources.

Genius is the latest move by Datorama to make it easier to marketers to access the data in its platform. Last December, it was one of the first data providers to offer an Alexa interface. That, however, was primarily a voice interface for existing capabilities.

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