Zaius Now Automates Google Customer Match & Facebook Custom Audiences, For Free

The behavioral marketing platform launches a free version that automatically builds and uploads segments for Google and Facebook.

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Boston-based Zaius, which has been operating in somewhat stealth mode until now, is adding a free version of its behavioral marketing engine that will allow marketers to apply behavioral targeting to Facebook custom audiences and Google customer match campaigns.

Currently, managing lists and segments for Facebook and Google is a manual task. The Zaius platform brings automation to list uploads, while applying behavioral segmentation such as “First Time Buyer Likely To Repeat” or “At Risk Loyal Customer.”

Zaius creates these segments using behavior signals from across all channels, including email, Web, mobile and social. Once the segments are created, Zaius sends only those segments that resemble a marketers’ best customers and engaged users. Marketers can then automate look-alike or similar audiences in Facebook and Google based on very targeted segments of loyal users.

“Analyzing behavior is the lifeblood of any B2C company, without it it’s hard to know what’s working,” Mark Gally, Zaius CEO, told Marketing Land, “but marketers have never had an overall tool set to own behavioral marketing.”

Zaius, currently used by a number of brand-name retailers and B2C brands, launched roughly a year ago with the goal of creating that tool set and making behavioral marketing easy, said Gally by phone last week.

Zaius is designed to allow marketers to focus on content and messaging, instead of manually piecing together data across point solutions and siloed networks.

The premium version of Zaius enables lifecycle analysis to apply targeting and messaging across all channels.

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I asked Gally how separate teams — say email and search — are using Zaius. He answered, “As a common platform. Zaius unifies data across channels, so everyone is looking at the same data.”

Asked how Zaius works with existing analytics packages, Gally said that because Zaius provides more detail on behavior and lifecycle, some marketers have turned to Zaius exclusively. “Everyone has Google Analytics,” he says, “but some find they just look at it less and less after using Zaius.”

Google and Facebook customer synching is included in the new freemium version. The premium version starts at $1,750 per month.

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