Amazon's AWS Clean Rooms

By Chris Wood Amazon announces new data clean room offerings with promises of  better campaign insights, data security  and more.

New Features

To help marketers enrich first-party data, Amazon plans to release new identity capabilities to advertisers.

– Dilip Kumar     VP of AWS Applications

Using AWS Clean Rooms, customers can collaborate on a range of tasks, such as more effectively generating advertising campaign insights and analyzing investment data while improving data security,”


With strong media partnerships, we predict a rise of AWS Clean Room campaign dependency for insight metrics & data security. Media partners like Dish Media will be using Clean Rooms to optimize campaigns across 31 million consumers.


Data privacy and first-party enrichment continues to be a priority for brands. In providing a potential solutions for both, AWS Clean Rooms has made a niche for itself in the digital ad eco-space.

expected RElease Date

AWS Clean Rooms will be accessible to some of the U.S, Asia Pacific & European market as of early 2023.