Top 10 YouTube ads in August: Clash Royale breaks record with 5 ads in top 10

Nike's Olympics-themed "Unlimited You" wins No. 1 spot, but Clash Royale was the big brand winner, dominating half the list.

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Last month, Nike’s Olympics-themed ad, “Unlimited You,” made it to the top of YouTube’s ad leaderboard for August with 36.2 million views. But video game developer Supercell was the real winner, owning five of the top 10 most watched ads.

Dominating half the list, YouTube says Clash Royale set a new record for the most appearances by a brand in one month. With ads ranking in the #2, #3, #6, #8 and #10 spots, the brand earned 46.2 million views of the combined 111 million views generated by the top 10 video ads in August.

This isn’t Supercell’s first time to dominate YouTube’s top 10 leaderboard. Last December, four of the company’s Clash of Clans video ads and one for Boom Beach made the list.

Supercell accomplished the same feat again in May, with ads for Clash of Clans and Boom Beach winning a total of five spots on the top 10 list. August was the first time a single Supercell video brand — Clash Royale — took a total of five spots.

Top 10 ads on YouTube in August

1. Nike: Unlimited You (36.2M views)

2. Clash Royale: Theme Song (20.2 views)

3. Clash Royale: Goblin Hut (16.3M views)

4. Microsoft Surface: What’s a computer? Just ask Cortana (8.8M views)

5. Gatorade: The Boy Who Learned to Fly | Usain Bolt (8.3M views)

6. Clash Royale: Landscaper (3.8M views)

7. YouTube Music: Jaysn’s Theme (3.8M views)

8. Clash Royale: Trophies (3.2M views)

9. Cricket Wireless: The Unexpected John Cena Prank (2.9M views)

10. Clash Royale: Meet the Duel Expert (2.7M views)

YouTube reports the top 10 ads in August generated 118 million minutes of watch time — nearly two million hours.

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