Taykey integrates its Trend Advertising product with TradeDesk and AppNexus

Says the integrations will bring scale to brand-safe programmatic ad targeting.

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New York-based Taykey, the company that enables ad targeting based on real-time social trend data, announced its first integrations with third-party media buying platforms on Tuesday. Taykey says its data helps brands reach their target audiences while avoiding the pitfalls of fake news and inappropriate content that have recently ensared Google and YouTube’s ad networks.

As the company explains it, the new integrations with TradeDesk and AppNexus give buyers a way to bid on brand-safe, targeted inventory at scale, “like a ‘virtual’ private exchange.”

TradeDesk and AppNexus users can target predefined audience segments within those platforms or build their own custom audience definitions in Taykey. The service then surfaces content, including video, that is currently trending among those audiences for ad targeting.

To weed out fake news and other objectionable content, Taykey uses sentiment detection to exclude negative and controversial trending content.

For example, Kendall Jenner is often trending among millennial audience targets. But anyone who’s been awake the past week knows that sentiment around Jenner’s now-pulled Pepsi ad has not been positive. A Taykey spokesperson says the platform was able to detect the negative sentiments of the coverage and avoided targeting ads at content surrounding that campaign.

Kendall Jenner Pepsi Trend

A look at Taykey’s Kendall Jenner sentiment analysis after the ill-fated Pepsi ad aired.

In addition, “Taykey analyzes a large breadth of data from different sources including multiple social networks and thousands of leading publishers. This not only gives us a more robust picture of what’s trending but also helps us avoid fake news by creating a system of checks and balances as we validate trends discovered on one platform against others,” the spokesperson said.

The integrations mark the first for Taykey and build on the company’s push into programmatic that started last year with the launch of a self-serve platform.

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