Not to be out-Einsteined, Adobe launches its Sensei layer of AI services throughout its clouds

The new framework distributes existing intelligent services across the company’s Marketing, Creative and Document Clouds and adds a variety of new ones.

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In September, Salesforce upped the ante on computer intelligence by announcing its Einstein layer of AI for all of its clouds.

This week, Adobe similarly announced Sensei, a “framework and set of intelligent services” across the company’s Marketing, Creative and Document Clouds. In a blog post, EVP and CTO Abhay Parasnis explained the name choice:

“Sensei, ‘master’ or ‘teacher’ in Japanese, is the perfect term to describe the deep expertise in artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and deep learning we have built into our platform.”

Adobe already had dozens of intelligent services running in its clouds, some of which were added in announcements as recently as March and May. Sensei makes those services available throughout the three clouds, marking Adobe’s commitment to boosting its investment for providing more.

As Marketing Cloud VP for Marketing and Strategy Suresh Vittal noted on the company’s Digital Marketing Blog, the Marketing Cloud’s Device Co-op — which helps identify users across devices — is already powered by Sensei, as is the Cloud’s Anomaly Detection that flags campaign inconsistencies and suggests remedies.

He pointed to a truckload of new Sensei-powered features in the Marketing Cloud:

  • Intelligent Alerts, which highlights statistically significant events and learns which events are most valuable to the user
  • Automated Insights for digital ads, which can recommend, for instance, whether more of your budget should be invested in search rather than in social ads:
  • A new enhanced lookalike modeling in Adobe Audience Manager
  • A new one-click Auto-Target personalization for individual visitors in Adobe Target
  • The inclusion of suggested offers in an enhanced recommendation engine in Target
  • Smart Tags in Experience Manager, for automatic tagging of images
  • Predictive Subject Lines in Adobe Campaign, which suggests the best email subject lines to drive open rates:

In the Creative Cloud, new Sensei offerings include a “find images like this” visual search, Face-Aware Liquify for adjusting the facial features of a person’s face in an image, and Auto Lip Sync to automatically render spoken dialog as animated moving lips.

In the Document Cloud, there are such new features as natural language processing for document and topic analysis, semantic structure analysis for automatically distinguishing formatting like paragraphs from visual elements, and the ability to recognize similarities and differences in documents.

VP of Technology Anil Kamath told me that his company is making Sensei’s intelligence available to partner companies that build services on top of Adobe’s platform.

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