Good morning: There’s more to MOps than marketing automation

If you don't meet your customers where they are (and that includes B2B buyers), they might not come looking for you.

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Good morning, Marketers, and is marketing ops synonymous with marketing automation?

It sometimes seems that way. Most of the MOps professionals I talk to are Marketo champions or HubSpot experts or Pardot geeks. There’s no question that marketing automation is a key part of the stack, helping marketers segment and message their audiences. But in these days of increased emphasis on omnichannel orchestration, perhaps a broader view is required.

In his latest article, Steve Petersen argues that the web is too often overlooked, especially as a channel in which significant experimental testing can take place, often providing insights applicable to other channels. Sure, email is important, but marketing automation is too often reduced to being just the email channel. Shoppers (and B2B buyers) can now be reached in so many other places.

And one thing’s for sure. If you don’t meet them where they are, they might not come looking for you.

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Kim Davis

Editorial Director


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