Advertisers can dynamically personalize native ads with Flashtalking & Sharethrough partnership

The companies say theirs is the first dynamic content optimization solution for native advertising.

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Native supply side platform Sharethrough and dynamic ad and analytics platform Flashtalking have teamed up on a new solution to power dynamic creative optimization for native advertising.

Flashtalking clients will be able to dynamically personalize their native ads bought on the Sharethrough Exchange based on signals such as location, gender, audience profile, time of day, browsing behavior, trending products, media consumption and weather.

The partnership leverages the OpenRTB Dynamic Native Ads API Specification 1.2, which lays out the specs for programmatically trading native ads across platforms and devices and includes support for dynamic creative optimization (DCO).

Here’s how it works: Advertisers upload all the variations on the different components for their native ads into the Flashtalking interface. That system passes a DCO tag through a demand-side platform (DSP) to the Sharethrough Exchange. When an advertiser is winning an ad auction, Sharethrough’s supply side platform calls back to Flashtalking for the dynamic components that match the impression data.

“The ability to utilize DCO in native advertising campaigns, brings a powerful and highly complementary new tactic into the native space, enabling brands to tailor each component of the native ad to the individual user and get the most amount of impact from every impression,” said Dan Greenberg, Sharethrough founder and CEO. “Flashtalking is one of the pioneers of DCO technology and we’re incredibly excited to be the first to bring this technology, which has been popular for a long time with traditional digital advertisers, to the native space.”

“The Flashtalking team is excited to extend our core capabilities of creating, activating and measuring data-driven creative within native environments,” said Andy Pocock, Flashtalking’s SVP of strategic business development.

The new Native DCO solution is in beta and accepting new participants.

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