Rob Rasko

Rob Rasko is a thought leader in the digital marketing industry. His venture, global digital solutions firm The 614 Group, enables results-driven client marketing efforts in the practice areas of content monetization and revenue strategy, brand safety, technology and digital systems integration, and corporate strategy.


Marketers mustn’t be afraid to click on ads

If your response to advertising is fear and avoidance, what kind of example are you setting? Besides, columnist Rob Rasko argues, creatives are getting more engaging in response to the competitive environment.


Brand Safety’s Moment Has Arrived (At Last)

When I started the 614 Group in 2011, digital brand safety was a key component of the original business plan. However, if I had tried to hold an actual summit on the topic, I probably wouldn’t have been able to fill a phone booth with high-level ad-tech veterans. Fast forward to three years later: in […]


Fixing Programmatic: Start At The Top

Publishers worry about the loss of revenue associated with the shift toward programmatic ad buying, but columnist Rob Rasko believes there are ways to solve this problem.