Nate Dame

Nate provides results-oriented SEO leadership with an emphasis on B2B and technology brands. He is a speaker, columnist for Marketo and Search Engine Land, and leads client strategy at Propecta.

Performance Marketing

How To Conduct Influencer Outreach In An “Inbound” World

We all know how the marketplace is changing, and how the inbound philosophy is overhauling communication strategies. Buyers’ expectations are greater than ever before (and still changing quickly). Defunct marketing strategies are dead for a reason, and a new set of tactics can’t replace them without a corresponding mindset shift. So marketers are developing new […]

Customer & Digital Experience

How To Produce More Quality Content, More Quickly — Practical Tips

The practice of “content marketing” as we understand it today is still relatively young, and there are plenty of wrinkles to work out. One of the biggest issues we face is a simple question of production. Fifty-seven percent (57%) of content marketing professionals say they don’t have enough time for content, and 45% struggle with […]

Customer & Digital Experience

Gaining Traction With Content Marketing: How To Build Personas

Every year, the flood of content produced and distributed online only increases, making it harder and harder for any one brand to stand out. That is especially true for content strategies with an undefined (or loosely defined) target market. If you don’t know exactly who you are writing for — including their needs, challenges, likes […]