HubSpot’s January 2023 release: The manager’s guide

By Jen Bergen

Custom goals based on any property

To better hold your customer-facing teams accountable and track progress on department goals, HubSpot Sales and Service Enterprise now allows you to make custom goals based on any property, not just default properties. Set notifications for when goals kick off and when they are achieved, exceeded or missed so you can better track, reward, or improve your team’s performance.

Subscriptions with free trial offers

Does your company offer a free trial period for a recurring revenue product or service? You can now use HubSpot Subscriptions by scheduling the subscription on a delay during checkout.  Using a subscription this way may solve a common issue where free trials were previously activated within a product app (outside of HubSpot) that may not be integrated adequately enough with HubSpot to seamlessly track and transition those customers from the free trial into their payment period.

Custom reports using email analytics (beta)

Using marketing email analytics in the custom report builder can tie email performance to other CRM data without using multiple tools. Example reports could include: – What day of the week has the best open rate. – What content has the lowest click-through rate and should be reconsidered. These reports can be added to a HubSpot dashboard where you may view your other manager reporting.

If your finance or legal team previously did not approve using HubSpot Payments, you may win them over now that a terms of service link can be added to the Payments links. You can mandate that customers agree to the terms before allowing them to complete a checkout.

Add a terms of service link to HubSpot Payments

Inspire more adoption of HubSpot meetings to track and use data better now that there is a calendar view when scheduling a meeting on a contact record in the CRM. Previously, users could not view their calendar’s availability inside HubSpot, so scheduling meetings required multiple tabs and tools.

Schedule meetings faster 

Prevent the loss of valuable data and the stress caused by juggling multiple devices and systems by using the new release to accept inbound calls within HubSpot. This release includes managing missed calls and voicemail.

Complete view of customer interactions (beta)

Onboard multiple new team members and ensure current team members see the information they need using the new Team presets for settings such as homepage, language and email signature.

Team presets (beta)

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