More Super Bowl 2015 Commercials & Teaser Ads: GoDaddy’s Puppy Causes A Stir & Budweiser’s Finds Its Way Home

Charged with supporting the inhumane treatment of dogs, GoDaddy pulled its Super Bowl ad within hours of its release.

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Since reporting last week on Super Bowl XLIX commercials released so far, more game day ads have dropped, with one already pulled.

Regular Super Bowl advertiser GoDaddy caused a stir yesterday when it previewed its “Journey Home” commercial on the Today Show. The ad features a lost puppy trying to make its way back to its owner.

“I’m so glad you made it home…because I just sold you on this website I made with GoDaddy,” says the owner upon the puppy’s return.

GoDaddy spokesperson Danica Patrick makes a quick cameo as the van driver taking the puppy to its new owners.

After a sizable amount of backlash from critics who said the spot promoted puppy mills and the inhumane treatment of dogs, GoDaddy released a statement saying it was pulling the ad.

Regardless of what ad GoDaddy will air during its halftime spot, the pulled commercial already has garnered much buzz around the brand.

GoDaddy’s controversial spot was an obvious play-off of the Budweiser puppy that made its debut appearance last year in the much more sentimental (and wildly popular) “Puppy Love” Super Bowl ad.

Keeping its yellow lab puppy front and center, Budweiser released its own “Lost Dog” ad yesterday. Using a cover of The Proclaimer’s 1988 hit “I’m going to be (500 miles),” the spot shows the Budweiser puppy finding its way back to its favorite Clydesdale with the hashtag #BestBuds.

GoDaddy spokesperson and van driver Danica Patrick is also featured in one of Coca-Cola’s Super Bowl ads.

Part of the brand’s #MakeItHappy campaign – which takes on the impossible task of making the Internet a nicer place – Coca Cola’s ad spotlights Patrick talking about the haters she faces on social media.

“It is the easiest platform in the world for people to say mean things and not have to answer to anybody,” says Patrick, “I think the Internet can be a place for positive change just as much as it is for negative stuff.”

Along with this spot that runs over a minute long, Coca-Cola has released two other teasers, one starring Kid President.

Another soft drink brand just launched its Super Bowl ad today. In Mountain Dew’s full-length “Come Alive” spot, a cast of characters can’t help but dance after drinking the brand’s Kickstart energy drink.

One of the first brands to release an extended commercial, Toyota launched a new 1:26 spot honoring fathers.

Featuring paralympics’ bronze medalist Amy Purdy, the ad features Purdy and her father talking about the surgery that resulted in her legs being amputated below the knee and includes home video footage and photos of the father-daughter pair.

Before watching Purdy and her dad, you may want to grab a Kleenex or two.

After releasing an ad last week, Victoria’s Secrets has posted its “Official” Super Bowl spot.

The commercial includes the same cast of models, this time donning more traditional Victoria’s Secrets garments versus the head-to-toe football gear worn in the first ad.

Pulling in star power, website builder Squarespace has recruited Jeff Bridges for an entire campaign.

The brand’s Super Bowl ad stars Bridges showing how easy it is to make a website for his “Sleeping Tapes” using Squarespace. At the end of the spot, viewers can click on links that lead to a “Squarespace presents Sleeping with Jeff Bridges” site where everything from digital files to cassette tapes and vinyl albums of Bridges’ recordings can be purchased.

(While I am admittedly partial to Bridges voice, I found his “Sleeping Tapes” songs hypnotic even if they are meant as a spoof.)

Squarespace competitor started its Super Bowl #ItsThatEasy campaign on January 7, launching numerous teasers.

This week, the brand released an extended 70-second spot that opens with Brett Favre and Entourage’s Rex Lee.

In a news release that accompanied its latest Super Bowl commercial, the brand said it will debut a 30-second ad during the 4th quarter of the Super Bowl.

Marketing Land is keeping a running list of full length Super Bowl commercials and teaser campaigns on its YouTube channel.

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We’ve collected a comprehensive list of Super Bowl teaser ad campaigns, including the newly released 30-second spot from Avocados from Mexico, featuring Jerry Rice and Doug Flutie.

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