Qualtrics and Adobe add new integration for improved data and customer experiences

New extension seeks to help digital marketers better understand consumer behavior to improve digital experiences.

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Experience management (XM) software firm Qualtrics announced new XM integration capabilities with Adobe’s Experience Platform Launch Thursday.

“Qualtrics makes it easy for organizations to not only gather customer feedback, but to predict the actions that their customers will take,” said Cody Crnkovich, head of platform partners and strategy at Adobe in a statement. “By introducing the Qualtrics extension for Experience Platform Launch, we’re making it even easier for customers to measure and improve customer experiences.”

Why we should care

Adobe Experience Platform Launch seeks to help marketers deploy web and mobile campaigns through an open infrastructure for compiling data from different sources. This new integration with Qualtrics should help marketers using Launch to identify gaps and disparities in their consumer-facing digital experience. The extension allows users to monitor feedback from all digital channels, gathers the feedback and provides insights to users.

The behavioral data gathered — experience (X) data and operational data (O-data) — should provide more insights into how consumers engage with different touch points across their digital experiences and where to focus their efforts, i.e., shifting from a web-first strategy to optimizing campaigns for mobile. Analyzing this data side-by-side will be vital for improving digital marketing effectiveness.

“To compete in today’s experience economy, organizations must have the ability to understand the relationship between operational data and experience data,” said Webb Stevens, VP of CustomerXM, Qualtrics. “By expanding our Adobe integration capabilities to include both Adobe Experience Platform Launch and Analytics on the QDP, we’re making it easier than ever for organizations to understand that relationship and turn insights into action.”

More on the news:

  • With the Qualtrics extension for Experience Platform Launch, customers can create and deploy feedback intercepts across their digital properties to gather customer feedback.
  • The Qualtrics extension for Experience Platform Launch allows users to manage the process of website feedback tags to can track customer feedback and behavior.
  • The QDP provides customers access to XM technology through XM Solutions and XM integrations via the Qualtrics API.

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