Oracle gives marketers access to ID Graph’s device IDs in its Audience Builder

It’s the latest in a series of enhancements this year to its DMP.

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Oracle, which has been busily adding enhancements to its Data Management Platform (DMP), is out with a new one.

Marketers employing Audience Builder in the Marketing Cloud’s DMP can now self-select the device ID for targeting. In the past year, the company has also added built-in DMP tools for data ingestion, customer audience creation, self-integration for outside partners and integration with its A/B tester, Maxymiser.

If a customer or would-be customer owns a smartphone, a tablet and a desktop computer, Oracle’s ID Graph manages their single identity across those three devices. But, previously, if a marketer wanted to send out an ad, she could only target either mobile or desktop devices to that customer/would-be customer. If she wanted to, say, just target iPhone users, she had to get Oracle’s professional services folks involved.

Now, a marketer can go into the new Audience Builder user interface and select from five possible device IDs: desktop and two kinds each of mobile web and mobile app. Oracle says this makes it easier for marketers to better pinpoint the exact audiences they’re looking for, by themselves. It gives the marketer access to the individual device IDs within ID Graph, with less back-and-forth with Oracle. Here’s a screen from the Audience Builder:


The mobile web ID includes BlueKai Mobile Statistical ID and BlueKai Mobile Cookie ID. Oracle bought DMP BlueKai in 2014.

According to the company, the Mobile Statistical ID is its “cookie-less solution of identifying online mobile users via statistical attribute matching,” which probabilistically assumes that your attributes — such as location, times used and so on — identify the device as belonging to the same person using a tablet or desktop with similar attributes.

BlueKai Mobile Cookie ID uses third-party cookies for those mobile web browsers that accept them.

There are two kinds of mobile app IDs: Google Advertising ID (GAID) and Apple’s IDFA, each of which is an identifier for advertisers on those platforms.

Karen Kokiko, senior product marketing manager for DMP, told me that Oracle has “more device IDs than other marketing cloud platforms,” with over six billion device IDs for about two billion profiles. The company has collected these from its own data sources — including BlueKai, Datalogix, Crosswise and AddThis — and from a couple hundred data partners.

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