Newcastle Brown Ale Ad Spoofs Doritos “Crash The Super Bowl” Contest

Newcastle launches its "Chores" video in response to this year's Doritos Super Bowl advertising campaign.

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Newcastle crash the super bowl video

Newcastle Brown Ale is getting a head start on the Super Bowl advertising bandwagon, launching an ad that spoofs this year’s “Crash the Super Bowl” contest from Doritos.

In response to Doritos request for filmmakers to produce and submit video ads for the brand’s Super Bowl spot this year, the beer company has created a video highlighting its own product.

A Newcastle Brown Ale spokesperson told AdWeek, “We had such a good time almost making that Huge Sports Match ad last year, we decided we’d stop at nothing to finally make our way into the Really Large American Football Contest in 2015. Even if we still can’t afford it.”

Last year, Newcastle proved its advertising savvy with its “If We Made It” campaign, a series of video ads demonstrating what the brand could have produced if it had the money to create a big budget Super Bowl ad.

The brand’s entry into this year’s Super Bowl advertising mayhem continues its ingenious marketing strategy to make big waves without the big dollars. With extra “behind the scenes” footage, Newcastle’s “Chores” ad effectively rides the coattails of one of this year’s major Super Bowl advertisers.


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