Mobile Email Conversions Jump 70% YoY In Q4 2014 With Mobile Delivering 20% Of Email Generated Revenue [Report]

Report claims responsive design helped drive a 40% increase in CTO rates over non-responsive marketing emails.

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Using the same set of email marketers to compare mobile email conversion rates between Q4 2013 and Q4 2014, email marketing provider Yesmail released some eye-opening stats around email-generated revenue growth.

According to its recent mobile email benchmark report, not only did mobile email conversion rates – purchases resulting from an email click – jump 70 percent between Q4 2013 and Q4 2014, but mobile revenue accounted for 20 percent of all email-generated revenue.

During the same time period, Yesmail claimed desktop conversion rates declined four percent.

[pullquote]Mobile clicks now account for almost 40% of all email clicks, a 10% YoY increase.[/pullquote]

Yesmail also evaluated a number of other mobile email metrics including, clicks, average order values and click-to-open (CTO) rates from more than 6.8 billion marketing emails sent by B2B and B2C clients across 18 different industries.

Overall, Yesmail discovered mobile accounted for nearly 40 percent of all email clicks in Q4 2014, a ten percent increase over Q4 2013.

Mobile average order values were also up, growing 28 percent – double the increase for desktop average order values. The data showed that the average revenue per mobile click equaled $0.40, more than double desktop’s average revenue per click which amounted to $0.19.

yesmail email study average revenue per click

Mobile click-to-open (CTO) rates climbed even more, up 20 percent year-over-year between Q4 2013 and 2014, while desktop CTO rates were up only 6 percent during the same time period.

Yesmail claims much of mobile email marketing success resulted from more marketers using responsive design. The report found 37 percent of mobile emails sent during Q4 2014 were created using responsive design.

“Implementing responsive or mobile-friendly formatting is the bare minimum marketers can do to cater to their mobile audience,” reports Yesmail.

According to its data, email marketers using responsive design saw a 40 percent higher CTO rate versus non-responsive marketing emails.

yesmail email study cto

When drilling down into purchases per mobile device during Q4 2013 compared to Q4 2014, Yesmail found the number of purchases made on a smartphone grew by eight percent, while the number of purchases made on tablets dropped seven percent.

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