MarTech Minute: Salesforce to launch ‘return-to-work’ readiness hub, new tools from CabinetM, Widen

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STACK IT UP. Marketing technology management platform CabinetM has updated its SkillStack tool with new features to help MOPs teams take full advantage of their marketing and sales technology. CabinentM’s SkillStack tool is used to document staff experience, proficiencies and certifications for each solution within their martech stack — making it possible to align the team’s skill sets with the organization’s tech platforms. The new SkillStack features allow marketers to run reports overviewing proficiencies by team, business unit, region or by product or product category. There is also a new “Map” feature that can identify skill gaps, needed training areas or hiring needs. SkillStacks can be shared with other team members and stakeholders via a customer URL and is free to any registered CabinetM user.

Why we care: Even before the pandemic, the disparity between an organization’s tech skill sets and available martech tools has been an ongoing challenge for marketing technology leaders. But now, as unemployment soars and many martech teams are currently operating with smaller staffs, this disparity will likely only grow bigger. Being able to identify your team’s martech strengths — and gaps — can help maximize the tools you have. It can also let you know what tools may not be worth continued investments if you don’t have the skill set to support them. 

WORK IT. Salesforce is planning to launch, a “return-to-work readiness” hub with multiple resources for companies that are looking to reopen their business locations as shelter-in-place policies are lifted. According to the company, the site offers solutions to “accelerate private and public sector response” to the pandemic with employee wellness assessment programs, shift management solutions, contact tracing and emergency response tools. There is also a section with commentary and insights from both business and health experts. is being rolled out in stages, with the emergency response management section to be available mid-May and the command center and shift management to come later in June. There will be an introductory pricing of $5 per user per month with add-ons that will lift the price to anywhere from $25 to $50 per user per month.

Why we care: Just as businesses have had to double-time their digital initiatives to survive the economic conditions brought on by the COVID-19 crisis, many of the same businesses are now being faced with re-opening their locations — again in record-time — without fully knowing what to expect. Not to mention the onslaught of new policies that will need to be implemented to keep both employees and customers safe. A $50 per user per month price tag is a high-price to pay, but may be a necessity as businesses search for recovery tools to help them adapt to the new normal.

ARE WE ON THE SAME PAGE?  Brand asset management solution Widen has launched a product information management (PIM) platform as part of its digital asset management (DAM) tool suite. The company says the combination of its DAM and the newly added PIM will help companies accelerate product launches and ensure the accuracy of product listings across the web. The PIM solution will help product managers and marketers collate product information, including technical specs and sizes. The data can then be pushed into the Widen Collective platform where marketers will be able to automatically route creative content for feedback, review and approvals, syndicate final product data to ecommerce sites, and more.

Why we care: The key word here: automatic. Marketing and MOPs teams are looking under every nook and cranny for new ways to automate processes as many of us are having to accelerate our digital initiatives. We’re doing “a lot more” with “a lot less,” so any new martech solution that can automate tasks like collating product specs across the web or routing that same product information to various channels for reviews offers product marketing managers some breathing room.

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