Victor Wong

Honored in AdAge’s 40 Under 40 while still in his 20s, Thunder CEO Victor Wong has been the guiding force in the company’s vision and success since its founding in 2008. He served as the IAB Local Committee Co-Chairman in 2010 and coauthored the IAB Local Targeting Guide. Victor holds a BA in economics from Yale University and is a fellow of the Yale Entrepreneurial Institute.

Marketing Operations

Unbundling the ad server

The great ad server as we knew it is no more. Contributor Victor Wong takes a look at the evolution of the ad server and what we should expect to see in the future.

Marketing Operations

Rented media: When paid and owned media combine

As the lines between martech and ad tech continue to blur, owned media and paid media are intersecting. Contributor Victor Wong points to social, email and web presence channels as highlighting the trend.