Vanessa Fox

Vanessa Fox is a Contributing Editor at Search Engine Land. She built Google Webmaster Central and went on to found software and consulting company Nine By Blue and create Blueprint Search Analytics< which she later sold. Her book, Marketing in the Age of Google, (updated edition, May 2012) provides a foundation for incorporating search strategy into organizations of all levels. Follow her on Twitter at @vanessafox.

Performance Marketing

Super Bowl 2014 Commercials: How Did Advertisers Perform in Search Engines?

It’s year number six of tracking how Super Bowl ads compelled us to search and just how well advertisers take advantage of all that searching. How did advertisers fare this year? Better than in earlier years, mostly because they are learning to keep it simple. But they’re not necessarily doing better in search on purpose. […]

Customer & Digital Experience

Commercials Of The 2013 Super Bowl: Over 80% Had An Online Call To Action

Despite arguments that four million dollars are better spent online than on a Super Bowl commercial, there’s rarely an advertising opportunity that can raise awareness of your brand and get people talking like a Super Bowl commercial done right. From kick off until final play, I tracked 42 brands and 53 commercials with an eye […]