Tony Zito

Tony Zito has been working as CEO of mediaFORGE since 2006. He is passionate about display media technology and the potential it has to shape the future of the advertising/marketing industry.


Get Engaged…Whatever That Means

Engagement will go down in history as the most ambiguous advertising buzzword of all time. Influencers all over industry are talking about it, but the lack of a definition for engagement in online advertising is creating confusion. Is it the amount of time consumers spend with their mouse on an ad? Is it how long […]

Performance Marketing

Marketing Beyond The Funnel With Display Media

Marketers invest a lot into driving new users to their site and incentivizing them to return and convert. Given the work and dollars spent on this endeavor, it is important to consider what you can do to retain and reacquire customers after the point of conversion. The funnel has become a standard visualization of the […]

Performance Marketing

Retargeting Outperforms Online Marketing Averages On Cyber Monday

If you’ve recently begun to explore behavioral retargeting, you’re not alone. Behavioral retargeting is a rapidly growing segment of ecommerce. According to a study by AudienceScience and DIGIDAY, as reported by eMarketer in early 2011, the number of US marketers using site retargeting between May and December 2010 increased from 17 to 22 percent. To […]