Tod Loofbourrow

Tod Loofbourrow is the CEO and chairman of ViralGains. Previously, Tod served as President of iRobot, where he helped grow market capitalization from $300M to over $800M. He founded and served as Chairman and CEO of Authoria (Peoplefluent), a $120M/year software-as-a-service provider of recruiting, performance management, compensation and talent management software. Previously, Tod co-founded and served as the President of iRobot Healthcare and was CEO of the strategic consulting firm Foundation Technologies, Inc. Since 2011, Loofbourrow has served as entrepreneur in residence at the Center for Digital Business at MIT's Sloan School of Management, and he sits on the board of Jobs for the Future, ViralGains and Mobee.


Unlocking metrics that matter

Technology that gives consumers a voice to tell brands what they think helps marketers measure the more valuable nuances below the top-line metrics noise.