Thomas Koletas

Thomas Koletas is Senior Vice President, Global Media at Madison Logic, where he is responsible for managing all sales and revenue generating initiatives on behalf of Madison Logic's publisher, agency and advertiser clients.


Maximizing Lead Scoring & Analytics: How To Use Big Data In B2B

Modern B2B marketing and sales teams rely on several techniques to maintain customer interest throughout the buying process. Rather than the classic sales funnel, the customer’s journey is now treated as an ongoing course of marketing and education, sales outreach, and (eventually) a transaction. Marketing automation is the engine that allows marketers to collect all […]


Tracking Intent Data Across Channels For B2B Marketers

Savvy digital marketers have learned that by now, when it comes to boosting results and efficiency, you can’t beat intent data for the ability to reach and engage users who are “in market.” For B2B marketers, where the buying process is more intricate and collaborative, intent is an even more important factor in building and […]

Marketing Management

In Lead Gen, Sometimes Broader is Better

Today’s marketers are laser-focused on targeting. It makes sense — the idea of picking out who is most likely to buy your product is the ideal situation. In the all-you-can-eat data buffet, reaching our audience and only our audience is relatively easy, and it has become the definition of efficiency. Unfortunately, in lead generation, targeting […]