Simon Penson

Simon Penson is Managing Director and Founder of Zazzle Media, a UK based data-informed, content led digital marketing agency quickly earning a reputation as a global authority on "content marketing".

Performance Marketing

Facebook Hashtags: Why They Will Turbo Charge Your Reach

Facebook’s promised release of Hashtags has started to roll out. This opens up a whole new front for Facebook in terms of data collection and will change the way users use the platform. But, what does this mean for marketers, and how can we take advantage? In essence, the hashtag functionality is generally as you’d […]

Customer & Digital Experience

Expand Into New Digital Markets With A Semantic Microsite Strategy

Creating great content has long been the only true way of creating long-term audiences of value. If we look back at the history of mass media, a certain process has played out time and time again. Print, radio and television have followed the same path from the original obsession with technology to the eventual love […]