Michelle Tackabery

Michelle Tackabery

DAM Specialist


About Michelle Tackabery

Michelle Tackabery is a Digital Asset Management Specialist at Turning Stone Enterprises of Central New York. She is a digital content librarian (M.L.S.), Certified Knowledge Manager (CKM), and trusted metadata and taxonomy specialist of corporate marketing assets. A veteran digital marketer with experience creating websites, blogs, social media, and an array of other digital assets optimized for external search and internal findability, Michelle has a wealth of experience both developing and using CMS, CRM, MAM, SAM, DAM, KM, and a host of other tools & platforms. Michelle has proven expertise in content marketing, emerging technologies, SEO/SEM, developer/DevOps communications, virtualization, cloud and as-a-service (XaaS) solutions, web and mobile development, electronic devices, the Internet of Things, automated intelligence/AI, information science, curation, digital preservation, and information organization.

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