Ian Sefferman

Ian Sefferman is CEO and co-founder at MobileDevHQ, the leading App Store Optimization and app marketing startup, based in Seattle. Ian has a passion for helping app marketers understand and improve their performance in the app store.

Customer & Digital Experience

The Convergence Of Mobile Apps & Search Is Happening. Get Ready!

Weather forecasters often talk ominously of “convergence zones,” the areas where two flows of fast moving air come together to create interesting weather patterns. If I were to put on my weather forecaster hat to predict the future of search, I’d say we’re sitting right in the middle of a convergence zone between the web and […]

Customer & Digital Experience

Top 5 Ways To Use Reviews For Better App Store Optimization (ASO)

App store optimization (ASO) is the process of improving an app’s rank in an app store for search results related to the app. It’s the app store equivalent of SEO for Web pages. Just like SEO, ASO involves working to build up a great search ranking to drive downloads. One of the best app store […]