Henry Hernandez-Reveron

I am an IT professional with more than 16 years of experience. I've worked in a myriad of projects with different technologies for diverse industries with great people; developing and integrating digital solutions for several industries such as financial services, human resources, hospitality, tourism, retail and marketing. I have had the privilege of working in Martech projects in multiple countries like the US, UK, Spain, Switzerland, NewZealand and Australia for top brands. Amongst all of the activities I perform, the one I enjoy the most is contributing to overcoming complex challenges by architecting innovative yet flexible solutions to serve marketing teams in enterprise environments with the use of technology. I never stay in the comfort zone and always try to push myself a little further each time, so I can be 100% creative and learn something new every day. I currently lead a team of 30-plus top-class engineers. We work in fast-paced multi-disciplinary teams to create better futures for our clients.