Harriet Cummings

Harriet Cummings works as a Copy Editor at Distilled, a creative online marketing agency. She spends her days crafting copy for the website, emails and other bigger pieces of content.

Customer & Digital Experience

How To Do Audience Research That Helps Focus Your Content Marketing

It’s Sunday afternoon. You’ve popped around to see your gran, and she’s asking after your health. “Well, Gran,” you answer, “this weekend I got totally wasted and fell asleep in a trash can.” An unlikely response? I’m guessing it is for most people. That’s because, in real life, we tailor what we say to the […]

Customer & Digital Experience

Content Marketers: Concrete Steps To Finding Your Brand’s Voice

Take these two groups of words: “High octane,” “shine adrenaline,” “super-charged.” “Fortified,” “amino acids,” “neutralize.” Funnily enough, both are used to describe shampoo. The first set – from Bed Head – positions the brand’s hair care products as expressions of a fast, exciting lifestyle; we picture ourselves strapped to a speeding motorbike, possibly while checking […]