Drew Conrad

Drew Conrad is a marketing professional who has worked in various roles across B2C and non-profit organizations.

Customer & Digital Experience

Doug, Ford’s Hilarious Spokespuppet, Is Missing From YouTube

Ford created my favorite YouTube campaign of all time. It took place in 2011 and starred an orange, irreverent puppet named Doug and his reluctant co-worker, John. The two appeared in several videos about the Ford Focus. The campaign was brilliant and had all the elements you want in a video campaign. Each video was […]

Marketing Management

How To Prepare For A Career In Internet Marketing: A Guide For Students

In the last few weeks, a few students have tweeted me asking what they can do to prepare for a career in Internet marketing. While I was happy to reply with a few tips, it’s a topic that is better addressed in a blog post rather than 140 characters. So if you’re someone interested in a […]

Customer & Digital Experience

Blogging For E-Commerce: Driving Revenue And Traffic

Creating a blog on an e-commerce site for the purpose of revenue generation and branding is a complicated idea. For starters, it’s a blog. If you’re going to do it right, you need frequent and quality posts. That takes time and money. Then, there’s the issue of content. What will you post about? Will your […]

Performance Marketing

The Three Most Underrated Internet Marketing Strategies Of 2012

In the online marketing world, we seem to be regularly gripped by a passion for the next big thing, the hip new marketing tactic that everyone is trying. But some of the most effective methods are relatively unsung. They just chug along and deliver results. Email Marketing Email is the most underappreciated marketing channel. Everyone […]