Brent Sleeper

An inveterate storyteller and fierce customer advocate, Brent Sleeper leads content marketing at SparkPost, a cloud email delivery service. Previously, he helped companies like Salesforce, Oracle, and other cloud and technology providers develop marketing strategies that reflect core principles of authentic communication and empathy for the customer experience. He is a graduate of Carleton College.

Customer & Digital Experience

It’s ‘dark matter’ that defines a great CX

Some of the best opportunities to improve customer experience lie in the space between well-defined product features. Contributor Brent Sleeper reveals what can be learned from one company’s successful example.

Customer & Digital Experience

Why notifications deliver great CX

Notifications are crucial for building trust and driving user engagement. Contributor Brent Sleeper explains why apps and services should be thinking about how customers experience notifications from the start.

Marketing Operations

Three things marketers must do to keep CX real

Marketers can be powerful advocates for the customer experience. But as contributor Brent Sleeper explains, we’ve got to give a little to get a little. Here are three ways to ground the ideal of CX in reality.