Amanda Gagnon

Amanda Gagnon is Education Marketing Associate at AWeber, the leading email marketing service provider for small businesses, where she advises business owners on how to grow their business with email marketing.

Performance Marketing

Email Design Tip: The Fold & Your Call To Action

Presentation is everything, they say. And this is especially true on the Internet, when your prospective customers can’t physically handle your products or talk to you in person. What your readers see in the email you send (its layout and design) significantly impacts how they react to it; namely, whether or not they respond in […]

Performance Marketing

Expanding Your Online Presence: The Email/Social Merge

You have email, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Gentlemint, Spotify, Tumblr… literally dozens of networks to market on. You can reach an audience through any combination of the above. As an email marketer, you know that the most valuable connections happen in private email inboxes. But activity on social networks, where fans can share with […]

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Are You Leaving Potential Email Subscribers On The Table?

If you’re an experienced marketer, you probably have some tried and true techniques for getting more email subscribers. But you may be leaving many potential new subscribers on the table. How can you ensure you’re accomplishing everything that’s possible? Go beyond the tried and true and test new approaches. Split testing helps you figure out […]

Performance Marketing

5 Minutes To A Bigger Email Audience

Email marketing is a highly effective way to make sales. Hopefully, you have a web form set up to invite your site visitors to subscribe. But what does your form look like, and what does it say? Do visitors respond well to it, or do they ignore it? Would a different form do better? By […]