Alyssa Nahatis

Alyssa Nahatis is Director of Deliverability Americas & Global Services for Adobe, where she manages a team of experts focused on helping clients implement more innovative and effective email strategies to optimize their inbox delivery. Alyssa is an industry veteran, working in the email marketing field since 2000, and active in industry organizations such as the DMA’s Email Experience Council where she is a MAC Board Member, Vice-Chair of the Education & Events Committee, and Chair of the 2018 Email Evolution Conference Planning Committee. She’s also a Co-Chair of The Messaging, Malware and Mobile Anti-Abuse Working Group’s (M3AAWG) Guide Program, and a Vice-Chair of the Program Committee.

Marketing Operations

Email security: What marketers need to know

How can you stem the tide of spamming, phishing and other cyber threats? Contributor Alyssa Nahatis walks you through email authentication standards and deliverability best practices to help ensure your email marketing stays safe.

Performance Marketing

4 Tips To Survive Your Email Subscriber’s Digital Spring Cleaning

Spring is here — that time of year when everyone starts cleaning out all the “stuff” they’ve accumulated. But while the spring cleaning ritual will undoubtedly include some heavy dusting, house-wide reorganization and purging of clutter, it’s no longer limited to people’s physical lives. With today’s digital lifestyle, that clutter invariably lives on PCs, tablets […]

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Rise Of The Real-Time Inbox: The Opportunity For Email Marketers In 2014

Before the advent of the internet, marketers relied on snail mail to reach audiences in mass quantities, not knowing for certain whether the people they targeted would even be interested in what they had to offer. Thankfully, the digital era has simplified the process of reaching audiences through other channels like email, social and mobile, […]

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Holiday Email Marketing: Will You Be On Santa’s Naughty List?

This holiday shopping season, we anticipate record growth for online sales, with Thanksgiving expected to reach $1.1 billion, Black Friday at $1.6 billion and Cyber Monday at $2.27 billion, up 15% year-over-year. With retailers opening their doors and flipping the switches for online sales earlier, your email inbox is likely already a digital deluge of […]