Apple introduces jackless iPhone 7 with improved camera, and waterproof Watch

Apple offered no real surprises during its keynote, but some solid upgrades that will drive sales for the company.

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Apple iPHone 7

People are focused on the fact that there’s no headphone jack on the new iPhone. But while that’s grabbing attention, Apple introduced a set of solid upgrades that will surely drive iPhone 7 and 7 Plus sales. The company also rolled out Apple Watch 2.0, which it said was second only to Rolex in terms of sales revenue.

Here’s a short overview of the new iPhone features:

  • The headphone jack is now the Lightning connector. However the company is also providing an adapter (included) that allows standard headphones to be used. New “AirPods” are wireless, which had been rumored and are already the subject of considerable snark and derision on Twitter. However they appear to be innovative and include the ability to invoke Siri.
  • There’s a brighter display, which will show a wider range of color as well.
  • The cameras on the iPhone 7 and Plus are improved in several ways. They offer 12-megapixels and other capabilities that will improve performance in low light conditions. Digital and optical zoom have also been enhanced. A considerable amount of time was lavished on camera improvements during the Apple keynote
  • The A10 Fusion chip is more powerful and improves its graphics and gaming capabilities as well as the device’s battery life, allegedly by two hours.
  • There are also stereo speakers with increased volume.
  • The iPhone 7 is now water resistant (better late than never)

Apple also introduced the Apple Watch “Series 2.” Its chief new features are a faster processor, built in GPS, a better display and water resistance so users can swim with the watch. The build-in GPS enables owners to run, swim or otherwise workout without bringing their iPhones along.

During the keynote Niantic’s John Hanke, the former head of Google Maps and the developer of PokemonGo, introduced the Apple Watch version of the mega-app. He said the game had been downloaded more than 500 million times to date.

The iPhone 7 and Plus will have 32GB, 128GB and 256GB of memory and start at $649. Pre-orders happen beginning September 9 and the new devices will become available internationally in the following weeks thereafter.

The new Apple Watch will start at $249 and go all the way up to over $1,200 for fancier editions. It will become available for pre-order September 9 and roll out in international markets thereafter, in the following weeks.

Apple’s new operating system iOS 10 was announced in June and briefly revisited this morning. It will become available next week on September 13. We’ll offer a separate refresher about its myriad new features and capabilities.

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