ABM platforms YesPath, Madison Logic jointly target visitors in their buying stages, across the Web

Through this partnership, YesPath expands its reach beyond a company’s website and informs the content or ads that Madison Logic delivers.

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targetswitharrows_ss_1920YesPath is an account-based marketing (ABM) platform that directs the right content to web visitors from a targeted company.

When it launched its first product this past spring, CEO and co-founder Jason Garoutte told me that his company would focus first on providing targeted content for visitors to the website of a client company but would eventually move to ads and other channels.

Now, YesPath has announced a partnership with intent data-based ABM marketing platform Madison Logic, which moves YesPath into the channels of content marketing and display ads.

Here’s a typical use case: Kaleo Software, which provides knowledge management software, might determine that, say, Ford Motor Company could become a customer.

When a visitor from a Ford domain shows up at the Kaleo desktop or mobile web site, YesPath’s technology could be employed to show content — such as a white paper or webpage content — to the visitor that is specific to her industry and to where she is in the buying process. The stages in the buying decision process: none, researching, awareness, considering, engaged and goal, as shown in a YesPath screen:


Based on Kaleo’s customer relationship management profile of that visitor or other indicators, YesPath’s platform immediately determines this visitor is, say, in the research phase of making a purchase. So, educational materials via a white paper or webpage content are presented to her on the Kaleo website.

When she leaves the Kaleo website and goes to other sites, Madison Logic tracks her and delivers additional, retargeted content or ads about Kaleo that also take into account where she is in YesPath’s customer journey.

For instance, she may be visiting ecommerce pages on other sites for similar software, and the inference is she’s ready to buy. So, an ad with a return-on-investment calculator and a link to Kaleo’s subscription plans might be delivered, on another website.

The visitor is tracked via cookie and mobile device ID, and the company is identified through IP address and other correlations. Madison Logic might also have delivered an ad or white paper to the Ford visitor before she came to the Kaleo site. This would have assumed that Kaleo had already identified her company as a possible customer, while Madison Logic/YesPath had identified her as an employee at that company and, preferably, had determined her buying phase.

Madison Logic co-founder and SVP for Audience Development Vin Turk pointed out that this partnership allows his company to leverage YesPath’s understanding of what a targeted company’s employee needs next in her web journeys.

Garoutte said he sees this kind of personalized ABM-focused and multi-channel marketing as a successor to marketing automation platforms, in part because it intelligently targets a potential customer’s employee across a wider scale.

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