5 Questions For Top Affiliate Manager Josh Spaulding

If you had your own online business bringing in six figures annually, would you consider taking on an additional position working for someone else as their affiliate manager? My initial response is, “No way!”.  At first, it doesn’t make sense to me why I would work on growing another marketer’s business when I could spend […]

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If you had your own online business bringing in six figures annually, would you consider taking on an additional position working for someone else as their affiliate manager?

My initial response is, “No way!”.  At first, it doesn’t make sense to me why I would work on growing another marketer’s business when I could spend that same time continuing to grow my own business.

building affiliate marketing relationshipsBut then I stop and think — maybe someone who does choose to do this knows things I haven’t taken into consideration.

My questions led me to reach out to a fellow marketer I know who has done just that — added “Affiliate Manager” to his responsibilities while he continues to run his own six-figure-a-year online business.

In my years in internet marketing, I have had the pleasure of meeting, and getting to know, some amazing fellow marketers.  My best education has been the information and tips we have each shared as our relationships grew.

One fellow marketer I have had the pleasure of getting to know over the years is Josh Spaulding.  Josh is a great guy — very down-to-Earth as well as very successful at running his own online business.

Recently, Josh took on the additional opportunity of becoming the affiliate manager for all Jonathan Leger products.  Jonathan is another marketer I have great respect for, and his products and tools are some of the most popular in the affiliate marketing space.

Becoming an Affiliate Manager for such a strong and popular product line as well as continuing to run your own successful online business is no easy feat.  That got me to wondering why Josh would choose to add Affiliate Manager duties to his daily routine as opposed to working solely on his own online promotions and products.

I decided to ask Josh that very question as well as 4 other questions that have been on my mind. Let’s welcome Josh and hear what he had to say.


josh spaulding affiliate manager interview


1. Josh, you are a very strong affiliate and product creator in your own right. What made you decide to become an affiliate manager?

Josh: Mainly the networking benefits, but also because most seven-figure marketers are more than willing to share the increase in profits. And when you’re working with someone who does six figures every month, that can add up to quite a bit of money.

For years, the thought never even crossed my mind. But after I started working with Jonathan Leger, who I have always admired as a marketer and as a person, it didn’t take long to realize that by being his affiliate manager, we could both benefit.

He just doesn’t have time stay in touch with multiple affiliates, create affiliate material etc. etc. and I’m still working to grow my business.

So by establishing relationships with some of the top affiliates in the industry and convincing them to promote Jon’s excellent products, I stand to have a larger affiliate base for my own products in the future, as a big part of being an affiliate manager is simply networking and getting to know people. The people just so happen to be highly successful affiliate marketers.

On top of that, it’s a great way to learn about new promotion techniques. You see how successful affiliates make sales and sometimes you’ll be shocked at how many sales can be generated by doing things you never would have thought of.

2.  What do you think makes for a great affiliate manager?

Josh: Above all I would say networking skills. Although “skills” may be the wrong word. I would say the best affiliate manager on earth would be a person who gets along with everyone they meet and truly tries to help them whenever possible.

When a “super affiliate” knows that you are there to help them make as much money as possible promoting “this” product, they are much more likely to promote “this” product rather than “that” product that doesn’t have someone available to them to help with anything they need.

But it really all comes down to relationships. You don’t have to know all kinds of super affiliates right away. But you should be able to establish relationships with them over time and keep that relationship going, even when there isn’t something to promote!

3.  If you wanted to find a solid affiliate manager for your program, how would you go about it?

Josh: That’s a good question. I would make a list of every internet marketer I know who:

  • I feel has a decent to good knowledge of the industry in general — can easily manage promotional material, can come up with creative ideas etc.
  • Is easy to get along with — “likeable” and seems to get along with everyone.
  • Has products of their own. This probably wouldn’t be a requirement, but it sure would be nice.

Then I would reach out to them and make a simple proposal via email or phone.

4.  If someone asked you how to become an affiliate manager, what advice would you give them?

Josh: Get to know people in the industry. Network as much as possible. Get to know as many “super affiliates” as  possible and as many successful product owners as possible.

Once you get to the point where you feel like you have value to offer, just ask. That may sound like generic advice, but I’ve been creating and selling my own products for nearly eight years and I don’t think I’ve ever received an email from anyone asking to be my affiliate manager.

5.  What things do you see your best affiliates doing that other affiliates don’t do?

Josh: Each affiliate is a little different. Some use really creative ways to make sales — ways I would never have thought of. Others just have huge email lists. Some have membership sites full of subscribers who will buy anything that they recommend.

The affiliates I know are very diverse — there are very few similarities, actually. But for the most part, I would say, they do everything they can to gain people’s trust.

I think many people who have not succeeded with affiliate marketing are always thinking about money and not thinking enough about earning trust. As Zig Ziglar once said “…You will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want.” Most of the successful affiliates I know (like you) understand and embrace that fact.

Thank you, Josh, for that compliment!  And thank you for taking the time to talk with me and sharing your insight with us here at Marketing Land!

You can find Josh at his website, EthicalIM.com, and find him with his affiliate manager “hat” on at JLAffiliates.com.

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