Twitter Moments Brings Featured Stories To The Masses In A Concise, Swipeable Format

Moments are a sleek new way of storytelling on Twitter. Instead of hashtags, Moments will allow users to view the top Tweets on the trendiest of topics.

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Your Twitter ecosystem may look a bit different this morning thanks to a new feature that’s rolled out called “Moments”. This is a format that gives users a quick view of the best stories happening on Twitter at the moment with top Tweets and content around each topic.

To enable a moment, users can simply click on the lightning bolt tab on their phones or destop and they’re transported over to a list of ‘happening’ stories. These Moments will be typically the top stories that are occurring across the platform, full curation guidelines can be seen here. Moments are also categorized by topic so users can choose what to see while looking back on Moments that have occurred over the past few days. Each moment contains a handy progress bar so you can see the length while viewing and amount of Tweets left.


Each Moment starts with an introduction that includes a title and description and users can then swipe for more information. Content that can be uncovered on a topic includes GIFs, images, video or Vines. Like a specific Tweet? Give it a tap to see more and fav or Retweet. Once you’ve completed a Moment, users are taken to a screen where they can share and Tweet out their thoughts attached to the Moment itself.


Another nice feature is the ability to follow a moment for those ongoing stories. If a user chooses to follow, the Tweets from that moment will go directly into their timeline.

For more information see Twitter’s Official documentation on Moments.

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