Twitter’s Audience Platform Now Includes Off-Twitter Placements Of Video & Tweet Ads

Advertisers will be much more interested in the Audience Network with the new (and announced) ad types.

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Twitter’s Audience platform is taking a big step forward today with changes that affect ads both on and off of the Twitter platform. New creative options and ad types will make Twitter advertising much more appealing to traditional (non-app) marketers.

New Audience Platform Ad Types

When the Audience Platform launched in 2014, the ad options for marketers were either app installs or re-engagement ads that were only available for select advertisers. While they were great for app advertisers and a specific set of advertisers, they lacked the mainstream marketing appeal for traditional businesses. As of today, that changes.

Twitter has rolled out the addition of Promoted Video and Tweet engagement ads across the Audience Platform on a global scale for all managed clients.


Many of the traditional targeting features will still be offered with these ads, but now advertisers will be able to extend their reach to find new customers.


Promoted videos can play automatically on a device, and all video will be 100 percent in view.

Twitter also announced plans for the program to expand to target website clicks and conversions “over the next few months” — another big improvement for advertisers.

New Creative Options

Promoted Tweets will become a much more immersive experience on Twitter and on the Audience Network. Twitter is transforming Promoted Tweets into video, native ads, banners and interstitials:

NEw Creative

With the new features, the new ad formats will break down as follows:

  • Tweet engagement ads will become interstitial and native ads
  • Promoted video will become in-app video ads
  • App installs will become interstitial or banner ads

In addition to the enhanced ads, users will also be able to Retweet and favorite directly from within an ad placed on the Twitter Audience Platform, and a new customizable call-to-action button has been included.

To get started with the new options, talk to your Twitter account team or sign up here. For more information, see the official release.

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