Mike Myers And His Sears Canada Employee Brother Attempt To Save The Company With An Ad

If anything can save the struggling company, it's this quirky, hilarious and on-target video ad.

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This is just too good not to share. Oh yes, it has a hashtag, #MyBrotherWorksAtSears, but that’s not why I’m sharing. I’m sharing because this ad is pure gold.

In an effort to stave off imminent death, Sears Holdings  — which has recently sold a huge stake of its struggling Canadian division to investor Eddie Lampert for $380 million — has launched an ad for the Canadian division featuring Mike Myers.

The pure gold part? Mike Meyers’ brother Peter has worked for Sears for 32 years and appears in the ad with his brother, Mike. In the ad, which Mike wrote, the two trade barbs about the sad state of affairs Sears Canada now faces.

The ad pulls no punches with Mike jumping right in and asking, “Is Sears going away?” Later, in response to his bother asking, “Do you know anything about the retail business?,” Mike responds, “Not a lot. Just that Sears Canada has to demographically and psychographically alter the trajectory of its business model. But that would just be a wild guess.” (Cue, smirk from Mike.)

Mike closes the ad by doing a take on the “softer side of Sears” to which Mike’s brother Peter says, “We don’t use that song anymore.” Mike suggests a new one, “Sears Canada. My brother works there.”

Which, of course, is the genesis for the aforementioned hashtag #MyBrotherWorksAt Sears.

The video, which has amassed 1.1 million views since launch November 5, carries a description which urges viewers to share the ad with their own version of the hashtag such as #My SisterWorksAtSears or #MyFriendWorksAtSears.

Sears is doing its part to promote the video on Twitter:

Which has been well received:

Even the third Meyers brother, Paul, chimed in:

And despite all the hilarity of the ad, Sears Canada posted a heartfelt plea for support on its Facebook page:

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