MEC’s Noah Mallin: For advertisers, Snapchat has ‘tremendous promise’ [Podcast]

In this week's Marketing Land Live, marketing exec Noah Mallin explains how Snapchat is starting to pull its advertising products together in a coherent way and why he thinks Netflix may ultimately be a better comparison than Facebook and Twitter.

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Industry reaction to Snap’s recent IPO — and the sharing of important user metrics that it demands — has been mixed. It’s still growing its user base, but that growth has slowed down. It’s facing increased pressure from Instagram, which seems to make a regular habit of launching “new” features that mimic Snapchat.

In this week’s episode of Marketing Land Live, Tim Peterson interviews one marketing exec who, despite those concerns, says Snapchat has “tremendous promise” for advertisers. Noah Mallin, head of social at the global advertising agency MEC, says Snapchat is just starting to put its ad products together in a holistic way. He says the company has “last-mover advantage” and can learn from what’s worked for Facebook and Twitter. Mallin also suggests that, in the long run, we may end up comparing Snapchat not to those social networks, but instead to a company like Netflix.

This week’s show runs a little more than 46 minutes. You can listen here or use the link below to subscribe via your favorite podcast service.

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