How to do marketing personalization at scale

How Domino's, DICK'S Sporting Goods and other brands are leveraging personalization software solutions — and getting results.

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No personalization, no leads. Or only a handful of them.

It’s a new paradigm in 2023, supported by research. 56% of consumers expect offers to be personalized 100% of the time. And 83% of consumers are willing to share their data in exchange for a personalized experience.

The question is how can marketers personalize campaigns at scale? How granular should personalization be? Where do you collect customer behavioral data?

To answer this, here’s a look at some how well-known companies are successfully using a range of different marketing personalization software solutions. 

How Domino’s dropped CPA by 65% with Twilio Segment

Domino’s faced a challenge with customer data silos, preventing collaboration around the customer experience, which led to low return on ad spend (ROAS) due to generic/poorly targeted messaging.

Alsea, Domino’s parent company, created a data lake on the cloud storage platform Snowflake, powered by Twilio’s Segment CDP, to collect and consolidate all of its customer data touchpoints across 16 brands, including Domino’s, and break down data silos using a data pipeline that scales across all customer touchpoints.

This let Domino’s create personalized customer journeys for different cohorts based on behaviors and build hyper-relevant audiences using SQL traits. This way, they informed all ad campaigns to be more effective and drive more revenue through its online and app business.

The result: 

  • A 65% drop in cost per acquisition (CPA) month on month. 
  • Facebook campaigns showed a 23% incremental increase in conversions for customer acquisition and a 16% incremental increase in customer retention. 
  • Google campaigns resulted in a 700% growth in ROAS and a 65% decrease in customer acquisition cost (CAC).

Clari learned how to ‘wake the dead’

Back in the day, Clari, a revenue platform, utilized a “spray and pray” go-to-market strategy instead of focusing on companies expressing genuine buying intent. This led to targeting any big brand that came to mind. 

After diving deep into 6sense Features, an ABM orchestration platform, Clari used a Wake the Dead account-based strategy to win back lost accounts. They capitalized on 6sense display ads to target senior-level personas and send them to curated landing pages powered by Folloze.

In doing so, Clari achieved $1 million in qualified leads in just one quarter. They set KPIs for reaching 42 accounts with six meetings booked and $500,000 in the pipeline. But with 6sense Display Ads, they reached all 42 accounts with a 79% CTR and eight meetings booked.

Appcues’ personalized home pages

Onboarding platform Appcues was looking for a way to bump up their demos and trials by optimizing conversion rates from their existing traffic. The first step was using UseProof, a tool for website personalization. 

Then they tried Clearbit data to segment its customers by industry and created seven industry audiences: media/entertainment, health, martech, ed tech, travel, HR/recruiting, and fintech.

Appcues’ demand generation team applied UseProof’s Experiences feature to create seven variations of their homepage, personalized for each industry.

The result? The personalized variant converted 42.54% more trials than the generic control! Furthermore, the campaign has hit 8,000+ personalized experiences with zero engineering hours.

Likewise, ProfitWell implemented UseProof to personalize the content journey based on visitors’ behavior and experienced a 162% increase in leads from content downloads on the blog. 

Zingtree matches data from many sources

After spending a lot on paid ads, Zingtree wasn’t satisfied with the number of generated qualified opportunities. The main challenge was in getting in front of the right people on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn while using native targeting.

To resolve the issue, Zigntree incorporated MetaMatch by Metadata to gather and mix-match technographic data, intent data, eCommerce data, account and contact list uploads, and dynamic Salesforce audiences.

Although the exact results are not disclosed, Zingtree got a prospect from paid social under contract within their first 30 days of using MetaMatch.

DICK’S Sporting Goods

DICK’S Sporting Goods needed to personalize the experience for its customers, athletes of different sports, by showing them the right product offerings at the right time and place. It’s no easy thing to offer millions of athletes a unique experience at scale

To do this, the company created a single, secure source for all customer information using the Adobe Real-Time Customer Data Platform. This gave them insight into what customers are browsing, purchasing and experiencing online and in-store. They also used Adobe Insights to segment customers’ profiles and personalize email, mobile and text notifications. 

The results: 65% of all sales are from omnichannel customers, with 10% more spent by those exposed to a personalized experience. 


CloudTalk’s team was struggling to turn interested site visitors into customers since they couldn’t determine the  companies of visitors who viewing “top of the funnel” content like blog posts. Therefore, they couldn’t create highly customized experiences.

With Leedfeader, CloudTalk tracked buyers’ data and also filtered companies that spent a decent amount of time browsing through the site without doing more. Fast forward, the company employed the data to personalize marketing messages to the top 20% of most-active browsers.

Wrapping it up

Marketing personalization is a turning point for every company aiming to increase ROAS, cut CAC, and drive more sales through omnichannel campaigns. It’s a complex and costly process at the beginning requiring solid diligence. However, the end justifies the means.


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