Constant Contact launches ecommerce enhancements

Constant Contact will now offer WooCommerce integration, new features for Shopify merchants.

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Constant Contact announced an integration with WooCommerce is now available to merchants using both platforms. Constant Contact also revealed enhancements to its current integration with Shopify.
Features such as email automation, personalization, segmentation and triggered emails will be available to customers who connect their WooCommerce platform to their Constant Contact accounts.

Shopify customers can expect more personalization capabilities and a better view of customer data, including order activity and customer revenue. Additional segmentation features will also be available. Constant Contact will also provide live marketing support for its customers.

Why we should care

According to Accenture, 91% of consumers are more likely to shop with brands who recognize them by name, remember their preferences and provide them with relevant offers. These integrations bring more advanced email marketing capabilities to merchants. The ability to tie together data from ecommerce platforms into the email marketing platform, if done correctly, could generate more value for smaller merchants, in particular.

“Creating a marketing strategy for ecommerce is not just about how to get more sales,” said Luca Sechi, vice president of corporate strategy at Constant Contact., “but also making the customer experience better, generating repeat business, creating brand awareness, and building lasting customer relationships.”

More on the news

  • Small businesses using WooCommerce will be able to sync contacts and send automated emails to first-time customers, purchasers in the last 30 days, repeat customers and more.
  • The Shopify integration will allow customers to define segments with additional data including email open and click activity and contact details such as location and birthday month.
  • Constant Contact is also offering marketing support to customers by phone or online chat.

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