New Wipes Let Parents Smear Baby Poop All Over Unsolicited Child Care Advice

The UK brand makes its American debut by reassuring parents that they, not the so-called experts, know their baby best.

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In response to research that found over half of new moms feel overwhelmed by parenting advice and opinion, baby bottle brand Tommee Tippee, with help from McCann, has launched #ParentOn, a campaign which encourages moms to take advice with a grain of salt and simply go their own way.

To accomplish this, Tommee Tippee, a popular UK baby products brand that’s currently expanding into the US, collected thousands of baby books and magazine articles and, with help from a paper-making facility, recycled them into a new line of baby wipes, Tommee Tippee Advice Wipes.

So, yes, it’s exactly what you think. Moms using those baby wipes can now gleefully smear baby poop all over that unsolicited advice.

In a nod to the fact that parents have been successful at raising children for hundreds of thousands of years before moms were smacked upside the head with endless advice from the media and friends, McCann North America Chief Creative Officer Eric Silver said:[blockquote]“Parenting advice is everywhere. It’s hard to escape nowadays, but the truth is parents have always known what to do — from the very beginning. There just weren’t books about it. Tommee Tippee wants all parents to take a deep breath, exhale, and do what they were born to do: Parent On! (And maybe have some fun while at it.)”[/blockquote]

The campaign kicks off with a humorous video poking fun at the hilarity of overwhelmingly incessant advice parents receive:

Supporting the video is a microsite on which additional videos and shareable content hammer home the point that sometimes, people should just shut up and mind their own business.

The site carries a mantra that speaks to the fact that parents didn’t always have advice, and things turned out just fine:[blockquote]”When questions were raised on how to raise a child, you just figured it out. There was parent and child. There was instinct. And there was Tommee Tippee. For 50 years we’ve made products that are smart and simple, innovative and intuitive. For 50 years, we’ve helped parents parent the way they were made to.”[/blockquote]

Tommee Tippee is sharing the campaign across its social channels:

The campaign also includes an infographic that summarizes and shares the findings from the pre-campaign study:



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