David Booth

David Booth is a co-founder and Partner at Cardinal Path, where he helps organizations use data and digital intelligence to gain competitive advantage in their markets. He is an author, adjunct professor, and public speaker, and as a consultant David has worked across five continents helping audiences ranging from C-level executives to technical implementation teams with digital analytics, business intelligence and digital marketing.


GDPR: A 10-step action plan

As the GDPR deadline edges ever closer, columnist David Booth recommends 10 action steps to ensure your organization is in compliance.


How to write a digital data & analytics RFP

Writing a request for proposal can be a daunting task. But columnist David Booth has some guidelines for your digital data & analytics RFP process to help you get what's best for you and your organization.


Strategy Before Code: A Process For Valuable Analytics

I’ll start with a bold statement: In 2015, you can no longer afford to live with a web analytics deployment that was slapped on by your website developers or IT department as an afterthought. I know, I know; I can already hear the protesting… “But I’m getting that hit report every month! Everything must be set up right!” The […]