New releases for AI-powered marketing technology

This week’s roundup of the latest AI-powered platforms, products and features for martech.

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While Artificial intelligence (AI) has been a part of marketing technology for some time, ChatGPT’s launch made the topic white-hot. As a result, more and more AI-powered solutions are being announced every day. 

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Here is a roundup of AI-powered martech products, platforms and features announced this week.

Instacart. The grocery delivery company introduced Ask Instacart, an AI-powered search tool that allows users to ask intuitive questions in natural language instead of keyword-based queries. It’s based on Open AI’s ChatGPT and the company’s own models and data. Back in March, Instacart rolled out a plugin for ChatGPT that is now available for all ChatGPT Plus subscribers. They plan to launch additional plugins for Microsoft Bing and Google Bard.

DoubleCloud. The analytics company released AI-Insights, a tool that produces analytic summaries as part of its data visualization suite. With one click, the GPT-4 integration will recognize the data’s subject matter and generate insights without any prompts.

TaskUs. The digital services provider introduced TaskGPT, a customer service application for clients that uses generative AI. TaskGPT is also integrated with TaskVerse, the company’s universal platform for sourcing talent in the “gig economy.”

Appy Pie. The no-code app builder added a free ChatGPT plugin to help users create Android and iOS apps using conversational AI. The plugin is powered by GPT-4 and is open to all ChatGPT Plus users. It allows those who wish to build an app to do so by describing what they want the app to do. The app will be automatically created based on the prompts, and then the user can test and modify the new app in the Appy Pie App Builder platform.

Web solutions. GoDaddy introduced three new services that help users create online store product descriptions, customer service messages and ads for Instagram and Facebook, all using generative AI. launched two new features using AI to help small business customers identify and purchase the right domain name and to help them write content for their site.

ZoomInfo. The go-to-market platform launched Post-Meeting Briefs within the company’s Chorus conversational intelligence platform. Post-Meeting Briefs uses generative AI to create summaries of business meetings that highlight key moments from the meeting and produce action items.


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